About The Founder:

Dave Krueger

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In 2001 my wife and I were just about to graduate college when we decided to take a camping trip to Montana. We’d never been here before, but “A River Runs Through It” was one of our favorite movies, so we decided to come see the scenes. We camped at Rock Creek and hit the Salmon Fly hatch on the head! We couldn’t keep the fish off our lines, and when we took a trip into Missoula for the first time it sealed the deal. This was to be home. So we went back to college, packed a U-Haul, and moved. No place to live, no jobs, just some young adults taking a chance on life.

Always Standing By Your Side

Once in Missoula I took a job at the Missoula Police Department in 2003. I loved that job, though there were obviously many challenges that go along with wearing a uniform every day, and having some people hate you just because you took an oath to serve and protect. While working on the Police Department I worked nights, weekends, and rotating shifts. This isn’t very conducive to a healthy married life, or being a Dad, both of which were more important to me than a job. So after 9 hard, but amazing years, I decided to leave the police department to pursue other business endeavors, and to focus on the number one thing in life – family. I’m proud to say that many years later my marriage is still going strong (to my high school sweetheart nonetheless), and I have coached almost every one of my son’s sports teams!

I give you my backstory to illustrate the fact that, like many of you, I have a varied background and am not fortunate enough to be a “native” Montanan (though after this long I’d argue that Montana is in my blood as much as a “natives”). However, I took a chance on a dream and decided to live in the most wonderful area in the Country, and I carved a great life by working hard and being tenacious. That’s why I understand how vitally important establishing your roots in this great area is, and nothing helps you build that foundation like buying a house. So whether you are buying a fixer-upper, your starter home, refinancing, or finally buying your dream home, I am here to help!

Offering The Highest Quality Services

My fees are extremely low because I understand that when buying your home, every penny counts. I promise I’m not going to build a huge 8 story monstrosity of a building downtown, because this business is more about helping people realize their dreams, and my low fees will help you with that. I will help you secure some of the same terms and rates that the “big banks” can, only I will remember your name. You need a local advocate when buying or refinancing a home, and not some huge company that will just turn you into a number. Please contact me today and I promise to work hard to find the best loan and options for your particular needs.

…and if you happen to see me on the river at dusk someday, say “hi” and I’ll tell you what they’re biting on!

Bob Bouchee

NMLS# 1820209

I am the eldest son of parents who arrived in Missoula in 1959 to attend the University of Montana and never left.    I graduated from Hellgate High School in 1988 and from the University of Montana in 1992.  Other than a short stint at Montana State University, I have lived in Missoula all of my life.

In 1989, I met my wife, Tina, who is also a Montana native.  We both loved Missoula and family so much that we decided to stay to continue our education and raise a family.  On February 1, 1994, I was hired by the Missoula Police Department.  On June 17, 1994, I married the love of my life.  Trivia note:  The same day OJ Simpson went on his slow speed chase.  

That was a busy time for us, but nothing that compares to the joys of having our girls arrive.  In 1998, we had a first daughter Kyla, and in 2002, Kennedi followed.  

I was most recently a Lieutenant in the Detective Division, but after 25 years in Law Enforcement and raising two daughters, it is time to take the next step in my life and career.  

My dad, brother and wife have been in the banking or real estate business for decades, so now it is my turn.

I love Missoula and the surrounding areas, and am proud to call it home.  I enjoy all things Montana has to offer including hunting, fishing, skiing, hiking and boating on Flathead Lake.  The best part of it all is I am able to do it while spending time with family and friends.  

For most people, your home is your biggest purchase and the largest asset you will have in your lifetime.  You need someone local you can trust to best navigate the waters of a purchase or refinance.  I am here to help you through the process and identify loan options that best fit your particular needs.  I will be with you in person, or just a phone call away, from start to finish.  

I would love the opportunity to assist you in the purchasing or refinancing of your home.  Please contact me today.  

Bob Bouchee


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